Caring For Your Bar

If you follow just a few simple steps your bar will stand up to what ever you throw at it! (not literally!)

When moving / repositioning the bar we recommend the following:

  • Always have a minimum 2 people to lift and move the bar
  • When placing the bar down on the floor, always keep the bar level and place onto all 4 feet at one time.

When using the bar we recommend the following:

  • Always use either a bar runner or coasters for placing bottles and glasses on
  • If you have any spillages we recommend drying them up as soon as possible
  • Do not use any abrasive cloths or materials when wiping down the bar
  • Add a light spray of any glass cleaner onto a clean soft microfibre cloth and then wipe down all mirror panels. Avoid spraying the glass cleaner directly onto the mirror or on any painted surfaces

We hope you enjoy your bar and have plenty not to messy nights!

If you have any further questions, please get in touch using our contact page